When Is The Best Time to Upload to YouTube?

Whenever we think of a giant video platform, YouTube always pops into our mind.

Every day, people upload around 5 billion videos on YouTube for various purposes – marketing their brands, entertaining people, providing education, spreading awareness and whatnot (source)

It has also become an income stream for popular YouTubers who post videos regularly. The main motto is to grab the attention of the audiences.

Many companies find it easier to upload a video of their products or services to reach customers. No doubt, it’s an excellent platform for the content creators.

However, the time of uploading a video plays a vital role in reaching out to the target audience. With a lot of factors involved, time is a prominent factor that must be taken care of seriously.

So, if you are a YouTuber and wondering when is the best time to showcase your video talents to the whole world, then you’re in the right place to get information.

In this article, we’ll be providing you with the answers to when is the best time to upload to YouTube and how long does it take to upload a video to YouTube.

You’ll also get a guideline on how TubeBuddy can help you throughout your entire YouTubing journey

When is the Best Time to Upload to YouTube?

Let's get started!

Statistics of YouTube Users

Before searching for the best time to upload a YouTube video, you should know about the statistics of people watching videos on YouTube across the world.

It’s essential to know your audience first, who they are, and where they are from. Based on the demographic information, you can easily classify your contents and the timing to upload videos. 

From our research, we observed that most of the audiences are from giant countries where the US has a significant portion.

Countries like Brazil, Russia, India, China, UK, etc., also have a vast market of YouTube users. Most of the viewers are aged between 18-34 years old.    

Best Time to Upload to YouTube

So, now that you know your targeted audience and have built up high-quality contents, it’s time to discover the peak hours at which people watch YouTube videos. You can’t just upload a video at any time.

No matter how excellent your video is, you’ll miss out viewers due to algorithm defaults. Remember, you must upload videos a few hours earlier than the peak hours. It’s because it will allow Google some extra time to index the videos.

In this way, you can stand out from the crowd and increase your video’s searchability.

If you observe the habit of watching YouTube for your viewers, you’ll notice that most of the people remain active from the evening.

So, you can upload your videos roughly from 2pm to 4pm EST and for weekends you can start a bit earlier, say from 9am to 11am EST. 

Best Days to Publish Your Videos

Undoubtedly, weekends are the best days to post your YouTube videos. People are usually tired working the whole week and look for entertaining videos on weekends.

So, you can choose Fridays and Saturdays as your peak time for video posting. Sometimes, a few days early post can gain attention too.

These videos keep viewing throughout those days and eventually become trending on the internet by weekends. 

Best Months to Publish Your Videos

Now that you’ve set your timely and weekly schedules to upload a video, you should also focus on the months that people rely on YouTube the most.

Usually, people tend to enjoy the holiday seasons a lot. So, December and January are the supreme time of uploading videos. You should focus on the celebrations and joys that people tend to bear at that time.

Also, the spring season is one of the glorious moments that you can utilize for publishing your contents on YouTube. 

Check Your Live YouTube Subscriber Count

A lot of people complain about losing subscribers quickly. If you’re planning to stream live content on YouTube, you must check the subscriber count. There are numerous online tools out there to help you in this case.

To name a few – YouTube Subscriber Counter, YouTube Realtime, Social Blade, etc. These tools will help you to focus on the real-time while you’re streaming and assist you whether your channel is losing followers or gaining more. 

However, it would be great if your channel performs at an average pace rather than lose new subscribers. 

How Long Does It Take to Upload A Video to YouTube?

Time Duration in Uploading a YouTube Video

After we’ve decided on when is the best time to upload a YouTube video, we need to focus on the time it takes to upload.

Many beginners forget to measure the time frame of how long does it take to upload a video on YouTube. As a result, they can be late in publishing videos and lose viewer’s trust. 

Worth mentioning, several factors can affect the processing time of your video. These include file type and size, data transfer speed, internet bandwidth, and traffic. HD video qualities provide more clarity to the viewers but produce large file size.

Consequently, it may take more time to process than a smaller file. Again, if your internet connection is low, you might need to wait a little longer than the expected time frame. So, depending on these factors, a video can take from 2-4 minutes to 1-2 hours to upload. 

Stuck YouTube Processing

It’s annoying when you try to upload a video and the processing gets stuck. There are a couple of reasons why video processing can be hindered during publishing.

Well, at first you need to check your internet bandwidth whenever your video stops uploading. A poor internet connection can slow down the process and disrupt your routine. 

You may ask, what if my internet speed is excellent but the processing got stuck anyway? In that case, we would recommend you to try uploading your video through a different browser or device.

If you are on your phone, then consider switching to a computer. Change your browsers and see if it makes any difference.

Another great way to expedite the process is to close all the running applications in the background. Let your device have some space and capacity to upload the videos in time. 

Tricks to Make Uploading Videos Faster

To be on time is the ultimate goal whenever you're trying to reach out to your customers. Here are some tips and tricks that will allow you to upload videos on YouTube faster.

Stable Internet Connection: As we discussed earlier, you need to ensure stable internet while uploading videos. Try avoiding public Wi-Fi and using a better ethernet cable.

Also, stop working on other applications (gaming, downloading videos, using different apps, etc.) whenever you intend to publish a YouTube video. 

Upload Prior Peak Hours: To avoid the traffic in peak hours, we recommend publishing videos at least a few hours earlier. It's even better if you choose to upload a video on off-peak days.

However, you have to follow your viewers' schedule so that you don't miss the exact time your audiences are free to watch your videos. 

Clear Browser's Cache, Cookies and History: It is essential to delete all the browser's history and cache to make the upload quicker.

Even if there is essential information lying around, you need to clear all the relevant cache and cookies that are hindering the process of your upload. 

Clear Junk Files and Non-Critical Programs: Your computer might be filled with a lot of unnecessary files and programs that you don't need anymore.

These applications or files may slow down your device resulting in an error in uploading a YouTube video. So, make sure you've cleared all the junk.

Watch Out for YouTube Approved Formats: As a YouTuber, you must provide high-quality videos to your audience in the right format

While maintaining quality, some videos can end up being in a considerable size that might take time to be uploaded. What you can do is, compress them into YouTube approved size and therefore give it a smooth upload. 

Now, if you are a pro YouTuber, you probably already know these deals about building up a strong YouTube channel. However, we dedicate this article to the newbies.

As a beginner, if you struggle to manage your channel, we’ve an exciting tool for you!

It’s called the TubeBuddy which will help you in optimizing your videos and reach out to your audiences easily. 

So, let’s take a look what TubeBuddy has to offer.

What is TubeBuddy?


TubeBuddy is a chrome extension that oversees all the YouTube activities of your channel and manages your YouTube journey quite thoughtfully. 

It’s a SEO tool that enables to enrich your viewers and subscribers, giving your channel a comprehensive advantage in the video marketing platform.

Whether you’re a beginner or a pro Youtuber, it’ll be super beneficial for you because the tool is automatically attached to your YouTube dashboard. So, managing your channel becomes easier. 

Is Tube Buddy Free or Paid Software?

For the newbies out there, if you’re planning of starting off your YouTube venture with no investment, Tube Buddy has got your back!

You can get this amazing tool for free and manage your channel very smoothly. However, the free version won’t allow you to share your videos on Facebook through this tool. 

If you’re willing to take your YouTube journey seriously, then you can opt for a paid version of TubeBuddy. They allow various different features that can help you scale up your YouTube business. 

How to Use the Tools on TubeBuddy?

Tube Buddy consists of numerous tools that enhance the use of YouTube in a significant way.

Check out the usage of these tools below. You won’t have any confusion regarding when is the best time to upload a YouTube video or how long does it take to upload a video. 

Video Tag Explorer: Tube Buddy provides you ease in choosing, listing, and sorting out the tags you wish to use for your video. By using this tool, you can rank your videos on top of the viewers’ search list and get viral in no time. 

Embedding Options: You can easily customize your videos in embedded formats with appropriate captions with the help of this tool. 

Facebook Publishing: If you want to publish your videos to Facebook, you can do it right through YouTube without even copy-pasting. Tube Buddy has now made marketing your business more comfortable than before. 

Optimal Time for Publishing: Tube Buddy directly tells you when is the best time to upload a YouTube video. You don’t need to calculate the timing on your own anymore. 

Other Tools: Some other exciting tools on Tube Buddy includes Quick-Edit Toolbar, GIF-Generator Tool, Emoji Picker Tool, Comment Filter Tool, Auto Translator, Opportunity Finder Tool, Search Explorer, etc.

You’ll be able to observe your audience’s reaction through these tools and also engage with them without any obstruction. 

Pros and Cons


  1. Tube Buddy is versatile in functions and makes SEO easier for YouTube videos.
  2. It is a certified software, so you’ll be safe from any type of scam. 
  3. You can easily optimize your videos through these tools.


  1. It can be tricky to setup Tube Buddy sometimes.
  2. As it’s a Chrome extension, you can’t run it on other browsers. 
  3. It only works for one YouTube channel. You cannot run more than one YouTube channel through one Tube Buddy account at the same time. 

Final Verdict

Through this article, we’ve tried to give an idea about when is the best time to upload to YouTube and how long does it take to upload a video on YouTube. 

To enhance your success rate in this journey, we’ve also provided a brief discussion about one of the best YouTube managing tools – TubeBuddy

We hope this article will provide you with the guidance that you need to succeed as a YouTuber.

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