How‌ ‌to‌ ‌Turn‌ ‌Off‌ ‌Restrict‌ ‌Mode‌ ‌on‌ ‌YouTube‌

Are you looking for help on how to disable restrict mode on youtube? Without a doubt, YouTube is now the largest video-sharing platform on the internet. It has come a long way from the start of its journey in 2005. Since that time, it was bought by Google, became one of its subsidiaries, had an initial public offering in Nasdaq.

It now has 15 billion dollars in annual revenue. It is now the second most popular website in history, just behind its parent company Google. People of all ages can watch and share videos on this famous platform. Therefore, there’s a variety of content.

With so much content available to watch, some videos are sensitive to specific demographics. There is also the risk of younger audiences getting exposed to adult content. YouTube has faced criticism in the past for not imposing guardrails on this issue.

Taking the concerns seriously, YouTube has made various changes in its policy. They also have drafted a set of community guidelines. This is to tackle any unexpected crimes or mischief occurring through the platform.

Such reforms mean YouTube initiates crackdowns on videos where there is violent, hateful, harmful, sexual content, or nudity. But due to the sheer volume of videos, there is always the fear that some videos will pass through the filter. Also, some people may find few videos still offensive even though they followed the guidelines. 

For that reason, YouTube has installed a mode called restrict mode. This mode blocks adult and sensitive content. In this article, we will provide a guideline, including how to disable restrict mode on youtube.  

What will happen if you turn on restrict mode? 

Well, if you have restricted mode turned on, it will make specific videos unavailable, videos that the moderators in YouTube found advertisers unfriendly. So, video materials are associated with profanity, misinformation, misleading news, undisputed claims, and violent events. Even games depicting violence and wrestling have been deemed to be banned momentarily under this mode.

To check out the difference, visit a top gamers’ YouTube page with the mode turned off and on. You shall see the difference yourself. So basically, it will hide some things that are just not advertiser-friendly. 

Why you want to turn it off or on 

  1. If you have kids in the family, then you might want to consider using the restricted mode. It will weed out nude, sexual, graphic, and dirty humor content.
  2. If you are a sensitive person who cannot handle certain violent depictions and graphic languages, I suggest you check out this mode. If you want to steer clear of all the harmful content, use this mode to your advantage. Some people do find things bothering on YouTube. 
  3. Perhaps you are a content creator yourself? Using this mode, you will be able to check whether your content is keeping in line with the community standard.

YouTube does not let the owner of the video know that his videos are being flagged. So, by turning on this mode, you can go to your timeline and check yourself. 

You can be potentially losing money if your videos are flagged. So perhaps dial back on the thumbnail, use profane language, or any violence to rectify the situation. 

How it works 

YouTube is infamous for its algorithm. Yeah, we are talking about the same one that recommended videos in your feed 10-12 years later. Yep, that one is back in play here. That algorithm determines the fate of the video. 

Whether it is deemed suitable in the feed or banned in restrict mode, we all know that the algorithm they use is not perfect. But top programmers from google and other subsidiaries are always updating to make it better.

Recently, the advent of massive disinformation warfare waged by state and political entities using YouTube has exposed the weakness of the algorithm. Lawmakers have expressed their concerns if such material circulates on platforms like YouTube, people will be misled and hurt. 

Google and YouTubes top leadership have vowed that their algorithms are being tweaked continuously to face the grave challenges we face at the dawn of this era.           

Firstly, YouTube uses the title of the video as its first criteria for judging the video. It combs through the title to find any profanity or swear words. It also uses scans the language. You will often see auto-generated subtitles or captions. They are generated by artificial intelligence. 

This AI goes through the video and all the words, and if any profanity is found, it immediately takes action.

Secondly, metadata is also harvested to watch through the contents of the video. Tagged keywords, video makers’ descriptions about the channel, tagged location, and upload date is considered. 

Because of the recent firestorm of angry reactions at the capitol hill and Westminster, YouTube has been forced to utilize a team of moderators who manually check the whole video and its contents. They will take action accordingly. If any video or comment is reported, they also check it. 

Turning it off for android, iPhone, and pc (browser) users 

  1. Log into your YouTube account. We prefer it if you do so use the google account. Saves you from a lot of hassle. 
  2. Go to the top right avatar icon; click it. 
  3. After you click, a lot of options will pop up. Go down. At the very last, you will find an option saying restrict mode on. (assuming you have it on)
  4. Click it, and it shall be turned off. 

If you have it turned off from the start; then you will have to do nothing. 


For pc users, there is always a classic way. Go to your dashboard. Scroll down. You will find some options. In the far left, there will be language, after that location and after that will be restricted mode. 

Final Words

So, here was our short brief on how to disable restrict mode on youtube. Also, a basic overview of restrict mode. Hope it helps!

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