How to Download Twitch Clips? We Have Some Ideas!

Are you looking to figure out how to download Twitch clips? Twitch has grown to be one of the most popular livestreaming websites for gamers and many other creators. Even YouTube couldn’t keep up with its popularity, as it is the no. 1 livestreaming gaming site in the world. Millions of people log in to the streaming service, not just gamers.

There are many music shows, podcasts, radio shows or creative art work shows happening in Twitch. Many gamers livestream and then upload the videos to their website or YouTube. Previously, Twitch had an option for downloading the videos. Recently, Twitch has updated its whole interface and brought some significant changes.

Apparently, you can’t download the clips anymore. Well, don’t be dejected! There are plenty of ways to still download your favorite moments playing games! These are very easy methods of downloading the videos and won’t even take minutes. Curious to know how to download clips from Twitch?  Let’s find out then!

But Wait. How’s Clips Different from Videos?

Before knowing the details of how to save clips in Twitch, let’s first get rid of some confusions. Many Twitch users themselves mix up clips and videos. In Twitch, you will come across three types of video content- a clip, highlights and usual long video. The livestreaming video in Twitch is called a clip and it’s very different from a typical YouTube stream video.

A YouTube video will stay online forever after your upload it. On the other hand, after you have streamed in Twitch, the livestreaming clips won’t remain in the cloud forever. If you enable auto-archiving, the videos will remain saved for 14 days for regular users.

If you have Twitch Prime or made a Twitch Partner, you can access them for 60 days. Highlights are a bit longer than clips and is saved, this last forever. Clips are typical 30 to 60 seconds long and they can be generated by anyone. Highlights are always made by editors who were chosen or a creator.

Use Google Chrome or Firefox

 Using browser to download Twitch videos is very convenient. You will have a better control over where and what you are downloading. The resolution of the video also remains good enough. However, remember to use only google chrome or Firefox, as these are the two browsers having adequate features for downloading. Let’s take a step-by-step guide on how to download Twitch clips using browsers.

  • First, set the quality of the video you’d like to download. Then, pause the clips and right click on video to find the option “Inspect”.
  • Click on “Inspect” to find a tab full of colorful codes. Well, don’t be intimidated. Scroll a bit to find a link address – “https://clips-media-assets2…”- this is your cue. The link should end in “.mp4”. 
  • Double click the link to copy it using Ctrl+C or Windows or Command +C on Mac. You can also right click and hit copy.
  • Open a window and paste the copied link on it. The download should automatically start and the chip will be saved in the downloads folder. You can change it to a different folder of you want.

Get It Done with Clipr

Most people nowadays use an external tool to download Twitch clips. It’s called Clipr, a Twitch clips downloader. Clipr is a free tool and gained a lot of popularity among Twitch users. Made for gamers by a gamer, you can use it to download Twitch clips without any hassle.

  • Select the clip you want to download and open the link to a window. Copy the link of the clip.
  • Go to You will find a prompt space to paste the link there. Click the “get download link” button or right click and select “Save link as “and save the clips to your desired location.

Using AdBlock Plus to Download

This method uses AdBlocker Plus or uBlock Origin or similar ad blockers. If you have trouble downloading the above way, use the technique. Let’s see how to download Twitch clips using ad blockers.

  • First, open the ad blocker setting and find the “My Filters” options. If you’re using AdBlock Plus, it should be under the advanced option. 
  • Create two custom filters for two different links in Twitch. Copy and paste these links in the filter editor, player-overlay player-overlay

  • Leave the setting page after applying changes. Refresh Twitch and find for downloading.
  • Right-click the clip. You’re likely to see 
  • The downloaded video will be in mp4 format and the original resolution will retain.

How to Download Videos 

For downloading videos, it’s a bit of work. Also, you’ll need a third party tool to download the videos from Twitch. Twitch videos are really long. Most livestreams are 6 to 8 hours long. Downloading an entire session of Fortnite from the archive is not that easy and that’s why you need an unofficial method.

You can use Twitch Leecher, which can help you download videos without depending on any weird downloader. It can be easily found in GitHub, so make sure to download it from there.

 A bad news for MacOS users, Twitch is not available there. You need Windows to run this application. Do have a good look at the source code. Sometimes, fake source codes are found too easily containing malware. After downloading the Twitch Leecher successfully, use it to download the videos.

You just have to look for the video through the application and click download. It’s pretty simple.  The resolution of the video can be adjusted to your liking. Leecher is very fast, you can have it downloaded in seconds (given that your internet connection is fast enough).

Final words

Twitch is the heaven site for gamers. The community is becoming huge and very diversified as well. This is why the livestreaming website often updates the interface or bring changes to the terms and policies. The download option being vanished was actually a mishap and the Twitch team apologized for it. A new on site download button should be available. Before that happens, you can use these methods. These techniques will guide you how to download Twitch clips in fail-safe ways!

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