How to Embed YouTube Videos in Google Slides?

Are you looking to know how to embed YouTube videos in Google slides? Adding a video in your presentation is game changer. Presentations are always open-ended and you can use your creativity to cater it to the audience. Visual aids can help you grab the attention of the audience and probe engaging discussions.

While you can always use any other presentation platform, using Google Slides is definitely a quick and easy option. It has a friendlier user experience. In this article, we’d look into the step-by-step procedure on how to embed a YouTube Video in Google Slides and how to add videos from any other sources. Without much ado, let’s explore.

Why It’s a Good Idea to Use Videos in Google Slides?

You might think why in the world we should add videos inside a slide? It will only increase the file size. However, remember that Google Slides like any other G-Suite application can be operated in your browser, so you really won’t be using up too much storage space. Let’s explore why adding a video will enhance the quality of your presentation.

  • Grabs Attention 

Undoubtedly, using a video will make your presentation stand out. It’s a way to show your creativity regarding presenting it in your own way. The video material should be straightforward and simple. It should aid the audience to understand your content, not complicate it. Try to add an interesting but simple to understand videos in your slides.

  • Motivating the Audience

Any visual additions always help the audience remain motivated and focused on the presentation. A good presentation will demand the full focus from the audience. We do that using pictures and videos. It’s also a good way to lighten up the mood and make the atmosphere much more relaxing. People will engage in discussions and ask questions, which will only make your presentation more fulfilling.

  • Packing Information

Packing information of large quantity is possible through the video format. In fact, this is the main reason some might use video presentations in the first place. For example, some may not have much time to read about how to embed a YouTube video in the Google Slides.

It’s a lot of information and steps. So, the person would rather see a video tutorial that would take less time. You can pack a lot of information in a 2-minute video which might take 10 slides. This is a convenient solution for many instances.

How to Embed YouTube Videos in Google Slides? : The URL method

The steps are pretty simple. Let’s find out how to embed a video in Google Slides.

  1. Go to YouTube and find the video you want to embed into Google Slides.
  2. Copy the link or URL of the YouTube video. You can click the share option and copy the link from there too.
  3. Now, go to Google Slides.
  4. Look into the top bar. Click on the insert option.
  5. You will find a video adding option. 
  6. Select ‘By URL’ option.
  7. Paste the link of the copied video. Then select.
  8. Resize the video if needed. Click and drag one of the blue boxes at the edges of the video. Try not to warp the videos by making the video too wide or long. 
  9. You can also reposition it. Click and drag it to any part of the slide. You would likely to see the cursor turn into four-sided arrow when you hover over it. When you try to drag it into a new position, you would see red guidelines appear on the slide.

Embedding Videos from Google Drive

You can add and embed videos from Google Drive too. It’s applicable if you already have the video saved in the drive.  The steps are just as simple as before-

  1. Click on the ‘Insert’ button from the top menu bar.
  2. Select ‘video’ from there.
  3. You’d notice three tabs- ‘Search’, ‘By URL’ and ‘Google Drive’. 
  4. Click on the ‘Google Drive’ option.
  5. After clicking it you’d see all the thumbnails of your saved videos in the drive.
  6. Click on the video you want to include in the slide. Hit ‘select’ button and the video will be added to the slide.
  7. You can resize and reposition the same way described in the pervious section.

What If You Need Only a Portion of Video?

You can also cut a portion of the video and attach it to the Google Slides. The steps are pretty easy to follow. Like before, choose the video you want. Then using the formatting option, only choose the portion you want to include. If you don’t specify using formatting, the whole video will be embedded. For presentations, you often don’t need longer videos.

You can select the ‘Autoplay when presenting’ option, which will begin playing when you get to the particular side. Or you can just manually play the video using the ‘play’ for playback. Make sure your video is positioned right in the slide. You can use the axes to position it the right way.

Follow This Handy Trick

How to add any video from other websites?  You can download the video from the website and save it Google Drive. Then, embed it the same way you would for an y Google Drive videos. However, if you don’t have that option, you can still embed the video. It’s just you need a bit of work to do.

You can just copy and paste the link of the video in the slide. Seeing the link in letters might seem unappealing. But you can try to tweak it. You connect the link with a screenshot of the thumbnail of the video. You can take a screenshot of the video thumbnail. Take any screenshot of any engaging part of the video. Now insert the picture by selecting ‘Image’. Now click on the image and return to the ‘Insert’ option at the top bar. Select ‘Link’ and paste the URL of the video.

Final Words

Adding a video in your Google Slide is a great way to improve the overall quality of presentation. You can add any videos, whether it’s from YouTube, Google Drive or nay other websites. We hope this article will help you with how to embed a YouTube video in Google Slide successfully.

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