How to Get Twitch Bits

Twitch is a live streaming service specifically aimed at gamers. Why Twitch? Out of all the other live streaming platforms, twitch has remarkably risen through the ranks. Youtube, for instance, has a larger user base but gamers prefer Twitch over Youtube. Now you might be wondering, why twitch?

Twitch has a better user interface and the live streams run much smoother. The user interface has tons of additional features to make it as interactive as possible. The interaction between viewers and streamers is much better in Twitch than Youtube. Twitch also has a better layout than Youtube.

The most interactive feature of Twitch is “cheering”. In this feature, viewers “cheer” for their streamers by spending twitch bits. These twitch bits can be monetized. Donating twitch bits is a great way for viewers to voice their support towards small streamers. It is a huge token of respect and motivation to all the streamers who are creating content with everything they can offer. To know more about Twitch bits, follow our step by step guide below!  

What are Twitch bits?

In simpler terms, twitch bits are a virtual currency that can be purchased online. This virtual medium of currency is here for users to show their support towards their favorite streamers.

Twitch bits are somewhat like a token of appreciation for the effort the streamers put in while creating their content. They can motivate streamers into updating and creating better live streams. Live streaming is not an easy task and they deserve to get paid for their hard work. Unlike conventional currency, users can easily use their Cheer bits while watching live streams.

Twitch bits can either be purchased online or they can be earned in various ways. This article also explains why and how to give bits on twitch. In this article, we are here to guide you on how to get Twitch bits. An elaborate explanation is down below!

1. Purchase Twitch Bits Online

The first method in acquiring twitch bits is purchasing them online. You can buy bits directly from their website. There is a certain price range for Twitch bits. The prices have been listed below,

  • 100 bits=$1.4
  • 500 bits=$7
  • 1000 bits=$10
  • 1500 bits=$19.95
  • 5000 bits=$64.4
  • 1000 bits=$126
  • 25000 bits=$308

These bits can be purchased through Amazon payments and Paypal. The payment procedure is pretty convenient and purchasing twitch bits is not a hassle. After selecting the bits you would like to purchase, a pop up will appear. Choose purchase bits and then click on continue to complete the purchase process.

How to get free Twitch bits

Besides the purchasing option, there are a few methods to get free twitch bits online. Purchasing twitch bits are not feasible for everyone. Hence, this method would be very effective for them.

1.  Free twitch bits by watching ads (Mobile and PC)

Twitch bits can not only be earned by purchasing them online but they can also be earned by watching ads. This is completely free and legal. Getting free twitch bits by watching ads is the easiest and most effective method.

To earn free twitch bits, follow our step by step guide very carefully. Hopefully, you will not have any confusion about how to earn free bits after reading our guide.

Firstly go to the website of twitch and enter your favorite channel. Wait for the live stream to be fully loaded. After loading, if the streamer allows bits you will see a diamond-shaped button in the right corner. If there is no diamond-shaped icon then that means that the streamer does not allow cheer bits.

Press on the bits icon and you will see a window appear. Press on the “Get bits” and a button called “watch ad” will pop up. By clicking on the “watch ad” button you will be redirected to an advert. So, this is how you can earn twitch bits absolutely free of cost.

After finishing watching the advert, the viewer will receive a specific amount of bits in their account. They can receive 5, 10, 50, or 100 bits. But most users get 5 or 10 bits. This is how you can earn twitch bits through the mobile app.

In case of using a PC, first, turn off your adblocker. While using google chrome or firefox, there is an ad block icon on the address bar. Click on it and select “Pause” or “Turn off for all sites”. After that go to twitch and open the channel of your favorite streamer. Press on the “Get bits” button and then click on “Watch ads”. After that ads will start playing and you will earn up to 5 to 10 bits. The value depends on the interaction.

2.  Getting Twitch bits by completing surveys on Twitch RPG

Another great method of earning bits is by completing surveys on Twitch RPG. Twitch RPG is the official research group of Twitch. What they do is, they survey streamers and users. Through these surveys, they can identify what needs to be updated in Twitch for better performance. The main purpose of surveying is to improve Twitch and upgrade its features.

The survey gives bits as rewards to users who are fast enough to complete the survey. You could earn 500 bits or more. It depends on how fast you complete the survey. You could get a higher amount if you are fast enough.

At first, you need to sign up for Twitch RPG with a verified email address. And then you need to wait for Twitch to send you a notice regarding when there is a sponsored survey. It will also send emails asking for user feedback. Second of all, watch a video of a streamer and answer questions regarding that video. It may include information about ads, merchandise, or brands.

The faster you finish the survey, the more bits you are going to earn. This method of earning bits is feasible as well as very simple. There is no hassle in completing these surveys.

Twitch RPG (Research Power Group) was initially formed to analyze the surveys of users and streamers for better performance. Twitch is a live streaming platform with tons of additional features. The surveys conducted by RPG help twitch understand what sort of features or improvements are required for smooth performance. They take the surveys of both users and streamers very seriously.

By joining the Group, you can also win fascinating Twitch gear. But be quick while finishing the surveys and always sign up with an email address that is frequently used. This is because these are time-sensitive surveys that expire after a given time. Some surveys only accept the response of the first 100 people, so always be quick!

Besides all of the methods mentioned above, there are a few low-effort, sneaky ways to earn more twitch bits easily. Watching ads can get pretty boring right? You can always mute the ad and do whatever you were doing. In this way, you can accumulate a huge amount of Twitch bits by barely doing anything. Gradually you’ll notice how your twitch account is piling up with Twitch bits.

The second low effort yet effective method is a pretty obvious one. You could routinely play ads during bathroom breaks or your daily chores. You can always mute the ads and do your work on a second screen. In this way, you can pile up Twitch bits. If you do these regularly based on a routine, your Twitch bits will accumulate in no time.

There’s one thing you should always keep in mind that never accumulate Twitch bits using multiple accounts. It is against the regulations of Twitch to transfer twitch bits which have been earned through ads into personal accounts. Your account will get suspended if bots or automated multiple accounts are used for bit transfer. So, be careful about multiple account usage. You could potentially lose all of your hard-earned bits by being reckless. 


●How much can you earn by watching ads?

Well, some say that it depends on how much you interact. There are a few ads that require interaction. So the more interaction, the more bits. But generally, people earn 5 to 10 bits per ad. The ads are usually 30 seconds long. Here’s a pro tip for you guys. The best time to watch ads is at midnight. Because it is said the Twitch resets the bits at midnight. So, there is a higher chance of earning more Twitch bits at midnight than at any other time of the day.

●How much can be earned by completing surveys?

While watching ads and earning might seem like the easiest way but the number of bits earned through it is very less. On the other hand, filling up surveys can take a little more effort but this method is the most effective one. And completing surveys can help users earn a lot of Twitch bits.

By completing surveys on TwitchRPG you can earn 100-500 bits. It only takes 5 to 10 minutes to complete a survey. This is the most effective method.

But there is a downside to it. The surveys are sometimes time-sensitive. So, you need to be fast while completing them. Otherwise, you cannot earn bits. And you need to respond to it quickly as well. Because there are a few surveys that only accept the response of a specific number of users. So, keep an eye out!

●When is the right time to watch ads on Twitch?

Sometimes you may run out of ads to watch. Twitch keeps track of the ads you have already viewed. Sometimes you need to wait for new ads to pop up.

By watching ads, users can earn about 5 to 100 bits. To earn the maximum number of bits, the perfect time is to watch at midnight. Because Twitch refreshes at midnight PST so it is better to watch ads at midnight to earn maximum bits.

●What do Twitch bits do?

Twitch bits are an interactive feature of the live streaming platform Twitch. They are great for cheering and motivating your favorite streamer. They also liven up the chat with the animated emoticons. The emoticons become more upgraded as you make a higher donation. These emotes can be seen by other viewers as well during live streaming.

Twitch Bits are a virtual currency that can be donated to streamers by viewers. This encourages streamers to create better content. Twitch bits are a great way to interact between viewers and streamers. Streamers can monetize the twitch bits and the price range varies.

Bottom Line

So from reading this article, do you still have any misconceptions about Twitch bits? We hope not. Our step by step guide was made for you to know how to earn Twitch bits. The methods explained in this guide are extremely effective and ethical. Twitch bits can mean a lot to streamers who put so much effort into streaming. Making a living out of streaming is rather unconventional but they have bills to pay as well, right? So as viewers who are enjoying their content, it is our duty to donate twitch bits and encourage them to carry on.

This token of respect and appreciation can mean a lot to streamers. Content creators and streamers deserve to get paid for their hard work. Twitch bits are a fun and interactive initiative. It is interactive in a sense because you can directly voice your support towards your favorite streamers by the click of a button. This feature is not available on most live streaming platforms. We have explained effective ways on how to get Twitch bits. By following our step by step guide, you will be able to get Twitch bits by either purchasing or free of cost.

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