How to Message Someone on YouTube


YouTube is a growing platform, and it is continuously growing every day. With almost 500 hours of video content being uploaded on YouTube every minute, the content creator and viewer/subscriber engagement has also increased by many folds. 

YouTube has become more interactive than ever with the community tab, comment reactions and other new features added to the platform. Unfortunately, private messaging is not available anymore as of 2018. Before that it was possible to send YouTubers private messages, but not anymore.

However, that does not mean you cannot establish any sort of communication with content creators on YouTube at all. There still is one way of sending a message to someone on YouTube. It is called the business inquiry email.

While it may sound like regular email, which it is, it isn’t exactly what you would think it is. Although it is just emailing someone from YouTube, it is slightly different from sending regular emails. There are certain rules and conditions for sending a business inquiry email. 

In this article we are going to show you exactly how you can access this feature and what conditions you must fulfil in order to send someone a message on YouTube. So without further ado, let’s look at how to message someone on YouTube. 

Business Inquiry Emails

Before we dive into the actual process of sending message, let’s talk about what exactly a business enquiry email is. Well, it is what the name suggests, it is an email for making business inquiries.

YouTube is not only a platform for uploading videos for fun or educational purposes. It is a platform that hosts millions of businesses and lets business people run their businesses using the tools provided by YouTube.

One of those tools is this business inquiry email. Many businesses want their products or services promoted by famous YouTubers. Paid sponsorships are an integral part of the income of YouTubers. Ever wonder how these businesses reach out the YouTubers for sponsoring them? Well, it’s mostly through these business inquiry emails.

Brands and companies can email the YouTube channels using this tool for asking if the YouTubers want ton partner up or would be willing to promote their products. This is the main function of this little messaging tool.

However, it is not limited to that, personal emails can also be sent (stating the obvious). Now let’s look at how you can send business inquiry email.

Many channels may choose to not provide their email information to the general public. In this case you are not able to reach out to them. This is what distinguishes this feature from regular private messaging. This is actually more private than private messaging itself. How ironic!

But anyways, we hope that answers your question for how to message someone on YouTube. To summarize what we said, you cannot exactly send anyone direct messages on YouTube anymore, rather through business emails. The feature is not accessible if the channel doesn’t provide their email. So before hoping to reach out to someone on YouTube, check if they provided that information in the first place.

How to send a Business Inquiry Email

Step 1:

Go over to or open the YouTube app on your mobile device. Login to your account if needed and search the channel you want to message

Step 2:

When you are in their channel, you will have to click on the about tab.

Step 3:

There will appear a “View Email Address” option on your screen. However, this one is relative, as it may not appear in some channels where they have not set up their business inquiry emails. But assuming that the channel you are in, has the feature set up, click on the “View Email Address” option. 

Step 4:

Their email will appear on your screen and now you can login to Gmail and send them an email.

That’s all you have to do to send a business inquiry email.

I want to receive Business Inquiry Emails

So you are on the other end of the above scenario and you want to receive messages on YouTube. In this case you will have to set up your business inquiry email feature on your channel if you already haven’t. Assuming that you are new to this and have not set it up, we will guide you through the process.

Step 1:

Open YouTube and go to your Channel. We recommend opening YouTube from a computer (desktop version)

Step 2:

If you are on your channel, you will see there is a button called “Customize Channel”. Click on that button.

Step 3:

Click on the About tab and you will see the “For Business Inquiries” option. And next to that will be the “+ Email” option which means you can add your email there.

Step 4:

Input your email into that box and then click on “done”.

That’s all you will need to do in order to receive business inquiry emails. Now that this is set up, brands and companies and even regular people can send you messages from YouTube. 

Final Words

It is a little sad that the private messaging feature was removed from YouTube in 2018, but this emailing option sort of compensates for it. The condition for being able to send this email from YouTube is the availability of the email information of that channel. 

What we mean is, if the channel does not provide email information, you can’t exactly email them. While it may seem a bit obvious, it is important to state this information about the condition for sending business inquiry emails.

We hope you enjoyed reading this article and found it informative. The step by step guide for how to message someone on YouTube (sort of) is right up there; come back to this article if you need to refresh your memory. Have a nice day!

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