How to Reverse a YouTube Playlist

YouTube is a platform filled with millions of video content that so many people are watching on a daily basis. One very common thing we see on YouTube are video playlists. 

These playlists may be of web series, music videos, anime episodes and many more. One big issue that everyone watching these videos on YouTube face is that the order of the videos is always newest to oldest. And that might not be working for a lot of people.

This results in the newer episodes of your favorite web series being played before the older ones, basically ruining the whole auto-play feature. If it’s like this, you can never set auto-play on YouTube and enjoy your favorite dramas in peace. You’d have to manually play every video on the playlist every time. That’s what you would think wouldn’t you? Wrong!

While you can’t directly reverse the playlist in all cases, you can get it done by various methods. In this article we are going to show you exactly how you can reverse a play list on YouTube. If that sounds interesting to you, let’s hop into this article!

Changing the Order of the Playlist Manually

We know we just said you can’t exactly change the order of the playlist on YouTube directly, there was a bit of a loophole there. You technically can change reverse the playlist, but for only the ones that you create. 

Only personal playlists’ orders can be changed from the YouTube app or desktop version. While that doesn’t solve your “web series auto-play” issue, it does solve your music playlist order problems. Using this method, at least your favorite songs will be played in the right order, or basically any order you set. 

Let us explain step by step how you can change the order of the videos on YouTube:

  • Step 1: Open the YouTube desktop version or mobile app.
  • Step 2: Open your desired playlist and click on the menu (three dots on the mobile version)
  • Step 3: You will see there is an option called “Playlist Settings”. Click on it.
  • Step 4: You will see another page where there is an option called “Advanced Settings”
  • Step 5: Inside the Advanced settings option you will see there is a selection box for ordering the videos on your playlist.
  • Step 6: Select the order of the videos from the ordering menu and click on date added (oldest) in order to view the videos in oldest to newest order.
  • Step 7: Once you’re done selecting the order, click the save button and see your videos being arranged in the right way now.

That wasn’t too hard was it? But what about the web series issue? Don’t fret over it too much! We’ve got you covered. The next two methods will solve the issues with ordering for the playlists that you yourself didn’t create. 

Browser Extensions for Re-ordering

There are many browser extensions available on the internet that are compatible with YouTube and can reverse the order of your playlist and play it in the right order as you need it to.

Some common browser extensions for this purpose are Iridium for YouTube and Improve for YouTube. Install these extensions to your web browser and then use them to reverse your playlist. Don’t worry, we will show you exactly how you can do so. 

  • Step 1: Search for the browser extensions and install them to your browser. That should take about a minute or so.
  • Step 2: Open your desired playlist on YouTube (desktop mode only).
  • Step 3: Turn on the extension and you will see that when you play a video, there is a reverse button next to your playlist contents.
  • Step 4: Click on the reverse option and see the playlist go from newest to oldest, to oldest to newest. 

This is how you can use browser extensions to aid you in reversing your playlist on YouTube. We suppose that solves your web series issue? Well to put the icing on the cake, there is another method that you can use to reverse your YouTube playlist. 

This method is similar to the extensions one and can reverse any playlist regardless of who created it. If it’s playable, it’s reversible. Let’s look at that method.

Third Party Apps/Websites

While, these may seem shady at times, the ones we are mentioning are reliable and safe to use. You can use the tools provided by these third party websites or apps to reverse your desired YouTube playlist. We recommend you use for this, as we know it is safe to use. Let’s look at exactly how you are going to use it.

  • Step 1: Open the website.
  • Step 2: You will find a search bar where you can enter the link of the playlist you want to reverse (and play).
  • Step 3: Click search and wait for a second for it to load your playlist.
  • Step 4: When your playlist loads, you can see there is an option for the order that it should play in. 
  • Step 5: Click on that option and select oldest first. 
  • Step 6: Play the first video and enjoy your web series from episode 1 to the latest one in the right order!

Bottom Line

From having no way for reversing a YouTube playlist to have three different possible solutions for rearranging the videos in the playlist to the right order. We hope our solutions were helpful and you are easily able to reverse your playlist to watch it in the right chronological order. If you get lost while trying to use these methods, you can come back to our article and refresh your memory on how to reverse a YouTube playlist. But we assume you won’t need to as we have explained it in the most comprehensive way possible. Have fun watching your show!

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