How to Whisper on Twitch? There Are More Than One Way….

Looking to know how to whisper on Twitch. Twitch is the no.1 livestreaming site for gamers. While there’s no doubt about its popularity and ease of use, there is one problem faced by many gamers. And that is how to send a private message to someone on Twitch. Many people can’t even find the option to send a message, and that’s probably because there’s nothing called ‘message’ on Twitch.

Private messages are called ‘whispers’ in Twitch. When gamers want to form secret alliances, they text each other on private. To kind of recreate that experience, Twitch launched this option. If you’re new and want to know how to whisper on Twitch, you’ve come to the right place! We’ve found out several ways you can send a whisper to someone on Twitch. Let’s explore!

On desktop? Try these options!

Sitting on your desktop? You can still whisper in Twitch! Most people use a desktop as the majority of the community is gamers. Let’s see what the options available are.

  1. The first one is pretty easy and straightforward. First, type /username. Then send the message to them via the chat box and the message will be sent as a whisper. The app autocompletes names so you don’t have any hassle trying to look up someone. It’s a very easy way to whispering method and most people us it.
  2. If you go to the home page, you’d see that there is button for sending via whisper. Click this option to be directed an inbox full of the past messages you sent in Twitch. You’ll also find a search bar in the interface to find people you want to chat with. And if you have chatted before, you would see the chat box containing all the previous messages. 
  3. Click on the name of the person you want to chat with. It’ll bring up the summary of the person’s profile and beside you will find a whisper button. Select the whisper chat box the conversation history will come up. If you want to send a whisper, just type the message and hit send!

Try These If You Are on a Phone 

  1. If you’re on a cellphone, the procedure is kind of the same. Go to the profile of the person you want to whisper to. You’d likely to come across several options. Select the icon for whisper and a chat box will appear on your screen. Send your message and you’re done. The only problem with Twitch is that it’s not really a messaging app. This is why it’s not very straightforward like other apps. 
  2. There is another way to whisper in Twitch. You can find the whisper button right beside the search button at the mobile site. If you click on the button, Twitch will show the list of all your friends with the whispers button beside them. You can select the ‘Start a whisper’ option to chat with a friend. Scroll through or simply search the name of the person you want send a message to. 
  3. If you’re using an android phone, the ‘Whisper’ button will appear on the profile page. If you click on it, a private chat window will open for you to send a message. With iPhone, you’d see three dots the top-right of your screen. Tap on that and you’ll see the ‘Whisper’ option. Select the option to chat with anyone you want to.

How Do I Check Twitch Whispers? 

This is a frequently asked question among users and also the reason behind many heartaches. Imagine your friend replied to you on Twitch and you never even noticed! That’s because you forgot to check the whispers.

Unlike messaging app, Twitch might not show the notification on whispers and it’s also not at the forefront of the interface. Just click on the whisper button often to check whether someone sent you a whisper back. You can go to the settings and set a ringtone for notification too.

Can You Send Whispers to Multiple People?

Wanting to form an alliance in the next game livestream? You can send whispers to more than one people on Twitch. You can type the message and when you are selecting the recipient. You’d notice that you can select more than one recipient in the list and send the message. For your convenience, you can also name the group.

How to Block Anyone in Twitch? 

Social media is the heaven for creeps. Twitch is a gaming site but you’ll still come across over enthusiastic people spamming you via Whispers. The best solution? Block them! The steps are pretty simple:

  • First, select the name of the user from channel. It will take you to their profile summary. Now click on the vertical dots to the right side of profile. This will bring up some additional setting options.
  • You’ll see an option for blocking the user. Without any hesitation, click on that option. You can also report the user to Twitch.
  • If the user is not active at that moment, then go to the Whisper tab first. Search for the user and your old conversation. 
  • In the chat window, click on the settings button at the right and you will find a ‘block user’ option. Click on it report the user if you want to.

Is the Twitch Voice Chat Available? 

What about voice chatting? Many people opt for a voice chat option on whispers. Sadly, as of February, 2019; Twitch has discontinued their voice chat option. The creators had to make this small sacrifice and focus on improving the overall experience of the desktop app.

Twitch has been rumored to bring some of its discontinued options back, like the download option for clips. So maybe there’s still some hope left that the voice chat option will return soon. 

Final Words

Twitch is the most famous livestreaming website. A big community of gamers plays games together in Twitch. Since it’s not a messaging app, sending a text is not apparent. We tried to put together the ways on how to whisper on twitch promptly. Both desktop and mobile sites can be used to access whispers. So, what’re you waiting for? Log into Twitch and send a whisper!

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