The Ideal Thumbnail Size for YouTube & Best Practices

In recent times, the world is revolutionizing into quite a digital one.

From pursuing education online to even marketing your products and services on a digital platform, everything and anything is going virtual.

One such popular platform that receives the most traffic happens to be none other than YouTube.

Uploading videos on YouTube has been all the rage now, mainly because of how flexible and diverse the platform is. The audience base is also varied, so all kinds of talents and content is appreciated on YouTube. 

However, the most important part of uploading any video on YouTube is the thumbnail.

A thumbnail is what will first attract your audience to click on your videos which later will generate views and likes. 

Clickbait Thumbnails

Setting the ideal thumbnail size for YouTube can be a really tricky job. Unfortunately, most people on YouTube these days use a lot of “click-bait” thumbnails.

Click-bait thumbnails are used to make sure the videos generate the highest number of views as their flashy and unique appearance prompts people to click on them. 

The thumbnail of these click-baited videos usually have no correlation to the content inside. As a result, the highest traffic it can gain is only through views and not “likes” or “subscriptions”. 

If you are a content creator on YouTube, the first thing you should do is make a thumbnail for your videos, however, the thumbnail should be honest and true to the content inside. 

As flashy and fun as many click-bait thumbnails may seem, it is best to simply stay away from using such concepts yourself. Yes, you might be generating a lot of views for that specific video, but you will only be contributing to more damage in the long term.

Your audience will slowly move away from watching your videos as they might be deemed as fake and merely a sham. 

Ideal Thumbnail Size for YouTube

Thanks to many amazing websites on the internet, you can now easily create custom thumbnails with only a few clicks.

When it comes choosing YouTube thumbnails dimensions, know that YouTube typically allows a thumbnail image format of about 1280 pixels in width and 720 pixels in height

Try not to go for a format bigger or smaller than this as the image may get distorted due to over-stretching or the opposite.

On the other hand, the original thumbnail size for YouTube itself should be of only 640 pixels, with a ratio of approximately 16:9 only. 

In case of the aspect ratio, 16:9 is ideal as it gives your image the perfect room to be stretched or constricted into a thumbnail, while also maintaining its original quality. 

Thumbnail Size for YouTube

One of the silliest mistake people make is using either an over-large or super small image for their thumbnail. If you are going for the custom thumbnail route, we would suggest you to stick to the basic thumbnail size of about 1.5 megabytes.

Try not to go over this size as it could be rejected by YouTube’s algorithm and rules. 

The format of the file should also be either in PNG, JPG, GIF, or BMP. As we mentioned before, the resolution of the image should also not be under 1280 x 720. 

When it comes to the ratio, stick to approximately 16:9 only. YouTube videos usually follow this aspect ratio as it allows the content to be played on most players and previews. 

Changing The Thumbnail

If you do not know how to change thumbnail on YouTube, worry not as we are here to explain it all in this section!

Most people think changing thumbnails can be really hard since you have to take a lot of different sizes and formats into consideration every time.

But honestly, it isn’t that tough at all if you know which tools and websites to make use of for your requirements. 

You can now find tons of incredible and diverse websites on the internet that swear to help you change and create your own thumbnails for YouTube.

1. THUMBNAIL Blaster


One such amazing website is THUMBNAIL blaster. This incredible website features an A.I creation feature which allows you to custom make thumbnails in whichever way you want. 


On top of that, there are also over 30 templates that you can opt for when deciding what kind of thumbnail to go for.

The templates present have a wide range of topics to choose from, starting from travel, music, makeup, to even niche sectors like real estate and Search Engine Optimization. 

THUMBNAIL blaster also allows you to customize each and every free template as you desire. You can change the fonts, texts, and even add your own overlay images if you want to. 


Perfect for vlog channels; THUMBNAIL blaster has different aspect ratio formats present as well, so that you can work with absolutely any kind of video you want.

The point, click, drag, and drop interface of this website is also pretty user-friendly, so newbies can easily start using THUMBNAIL blaster from the get-go. 


Another incredible feature of this website is how it lets you test out which thumbnail works best and generates the most traffic for your videos. 

For this, all you need to do is create two thumbnails at once, and let the website directly publish the video edited onto your YouTube channel.

The unique algorithm of THUMBNAIL Blaster will then check which thumbnail gets the most views, and then set it as the primary one afterwards.

However, you should know that the services provided by this website are not exactly free. To enjoy its features, you will be required to purchase the entire package for only $97.

If you do not want to spend this amount, wait for the time the website offers special discounts as the price usually drops down to under $40.

Nonetheless, purchasing the entire package at $97 is still worthier than spending over $150 by making freelancers create your content for you!

Why Go for THUMBNAIL Blaster?

Even though the non-discount purchase does seem like a lot of money at first, we are sure that the amazing features and services that this website offers will help you only make a profit from your YouTube videos. 

The wide range of templates and super friendly interface makes this website a go-to for many amateur content creators. 


If THUMBNAIL blaster was not good enough for you, maybe you’d fancy taking a look at Crello!

This website is not only ideal for creating custom thumbnails, but also for creating posters and other forms of marketing promotions.

Created specifically to help content creators and entrepreneurs; Crello has a user-friendly interface and the widest range of versatile and unique features. 


Crello comes with over 30,000 templates that you can choose from to edit and create your custom thumbnail and posters.

The templates cater to all niche sectors, including video content making, marketing, and even blogging. 

This wide range of templates is very useful for those who prefer uploading a video almost every week. The unique library is vast, so there will always be something new to add in your video. 

Virtual Library 

Another amazing feature of Crello is that it comes with its own virtual library where you can find a huge collection of high definition images and videos. These images and videos are ones that you can include in your YouTube videos. 

The quality of the content found in the Crello library is unparalleled. You can use the images and videos for free, by simply dragging and dropping them to your custom thumbnail creation. 


If the previous features were not enough, Crello even offers animation to its users! 

You can actually find over 3000 amazing and unique animated objects. Alongside that, you can also choose the best animated template out of a huge selection of over 6000 templates!

The content is usually very fun, bold, and creative, so you can use them to create that extra oomph effect in your thumbnails and videos. 


If you want, you can also convert your chosen images to either GIF’s or videos for your thumbnails. This feature is ideal if you want to include compact video or GIF overlays in your YouTube videos. 

Why Go for Crello?

Make sure to keep Crello by your side if you want to take your YouTube channel to a professional level.

The amazing templates and exceptional animation content provided by this website works to diversify your thumbnail and make it unique among the rest. 

To use its services, you will have to pay a monthly subscription fee of only 7.99 dollars per month. This fee is deemed per user.

However, if you want, you can first check out their services and see if they will work for you by making use of the free trial version. You can easily cancel your trial if it does not seem worthy to you. 

3. Canva


Another incredible website you can go for in order to create custom thumbnail size for YouTube videos is Canva.

Starting from channel art and posters to even thumbnails, you can make everything and anything with the help of Canva. 


There are over 1000 templates available on Canva that you can use absolutely for free for your thumbnails. The templates are usually categorized as per your job description as well, so there is always a little something for everyone. 

The templates range from YouTube thumbnail formats to even Instagram posts. Most of them are very bold and fun, so you can add these templates into the mix in order to create a statement piece on your channel. 


Another great customizable feature that Canva offers is its real-time designer. This feature works to provide a free space for everyone, be it a YouTube creator or a marketer to create amazing presentations and thumbnails for their work. 

The best thing about it is that you can also include other members of your team to work on the project at real time, that too without any cost! The feature works perfectly fine on all devices as well, so you can collaborate with anyone at any time of the day. 

This designing feature gives users all the control to trim, size, and compose their images however preferred. From making fun collages to creating the perfect brochure or thumbnail for YouTube, Canva lets you do it all with a simple swipe!


If you want, you can also include photo effects and overlays on your image or thumbnail, to give it that sharp pop of color. The effects are also free, so the sky is the limit here. 

You can also add fun stickers to your projects in order to diversify your work and give it that loud sense of humor and creativity. 

Why Go for Canva?

The best thing about this product is the price flexibility it provides according to different projects.

For example, if you are going to be using the website for a large organization, you can use Canva Enterprise. This will require you to pay a minimal subscription fee of about 30 dollars per month. 

If you want to work as a small group but need a good amount of features and customization, you can go for Canva Pro at a price of $9.95 per month. 

On the other hand, you can also opt for Canva Free, which is basically devoid of all costs. This package is ideal for individuals working on speedy projects. 

Note that the features provided by the website will also vary with the subscription package that you choose for your work. 

Final Words

Making a thumbnail size for YouTube is actually not a hard job at all, especially if you have the tools we mentioned in this article.

We hope you now know what the exact thumbnail size for YouTube needs to be and how you can enhance your images to be unique and creative.

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