Why YouTube Comments are Not Loading

Are you encountering an error that YouTube comments not loading? YouTube is the biggest video sharing platform in the whole world. Every minute roughly 400 videos are being uploaded. Billions of hours of content are present at the site. Such a sheer collection of videos means there is a variety of subjects that are included here. 

What makes YouTube such an appealing site to browse is the number of wide-ranging facilities it offers. It can let you post your videos, watch videos, comment on them, like or unlike them, and other stuff. 

Problems often occur, such as YouTube comments not loading. But sometimes, glitches and bugs corrupt the website. The YouTube app for android users and iOS is not immune either. You can often get stuck in the app. 

The YouTube comments section is an important place to visit. It can give you important context regarding the video. And give you further lead to the subject matter at hand. Sometimes the comments are a testament to the marvelous sense of humor the netizens have. 

Either way, it is an integral part of the YouTube experience. And sometimes, this section is prone to bugs and glitches. Therefore, it does not work correctly. The common problem is YouTube comments not loading. Here are just some of the tips to tackle the problem. 

Make sure your internet connection is working

One of the common reasons for not loading comments is an inadequate or ineffective internet connection. Sometimes you will see that the mobile is signaling the device is connected to the wi-fi. But actually, there is no internet. Such problems often occur. And is the sole reason for not posting comments. 

Another reason for YouTube comments not loading is poor internet. If you have a downgraded net connection, you might as well wait for infinity as the wheel keeps circling back and forth. 

Make sure you are signed in to your Google account 

If you do not log in with your Google ID, you would not be able to check and view the comments. But you cannot view them. You cannot interact with the videos and other activities like reply to a comment, like, unlike, comment, etc. 

So, when you launch the YouTube app, you will be prompted to sign in or create a new account. You can quickly sign in with your existing google account. Or you could decide to sign up. In that case, it will redirect to you a google account page. There you would be prompted to open a new account.

Give all the relevant information on that page. Open up the new account, and voila! You have signed into YouTube with your brand-new account. You can post a comment, reply, unlike, like just any other person on YouTube.

You must have a Google account. If you don’t have one, you will be missing out on a lot of services from subsidiaries of Google. If you ever need to recover your ID, you will need to use Gmail, which is owned by Google. So, always sign in with your Google ID.

Comments may stop being showed when updating 

When the app is being updated, a lot of the features of the app will be disabled. Therefore, you will not be able to view any comments. In that case, wait for the update to be downloaded. After the download is completed and installed, you can comment again. This problem only occurs in android users and iOS users. 

Try reloading the page 

Try reloading the page. Comments often are not able to load because of some technical issues. These issues usually occur because of heavy traffic. This often will go away with a simple stroke of the reload button.

Most of the time, the problem is from the user’s side. If reloading does not help, wait for a few moments, and then try again. The problem could be from YouTube itself. 

Do not use graphic or profane language

You will often find that YouTube will not let you post any vulgar and profane language. It has adopted a zero-tolerance policy against harmful, violent, nude, and sexual content. Therefore, any comments that do not meet the community guidelines and standards will not be allowed. 

YouTube has an algorithm in place as a guardrail. This specific set of rules bans any “negative” content. Also, if you are repeatedly posting spamming and malware content, you will be flagged by others. In that case, you would also not be able to post any comment. A solution would be to dial back on your profane language and do not spam. 

Clear browsing data 

Sometimes your browser may be clogged and stuck with redundant junk data. If such action happens, it can interfere with YouTube. Some of the essential functions of YouTube may fail. If you want to avoid such technical failure, clear up your cache data. Delete all the cookies.

 And maintain them regularly from your browser’s settings if you are on a personal computer. Go to browser history from settings. There you will find options regarding cache, cookies, and others. It is best to delete the whole browser. If you are on a cellphone, go to your phone settings and look for options to clear cache and delete junk files.

Using another browser 

We suggested using Google in the upper section of the article. And we also gave the reason that it was a subsidiary company. Therefore, it will always be much better suited.

However, browsers tend to have some technical issues within them. Therefore, you cannot post comments. When this happens, we suggest using a different browser. While using a different browser, you will need to sign up again, just like we mentioned. 

This is not a significant issue, and the authority at the first browser will fix things as soon as possible. While they do so, use an alternate browser. 

Wait for YouTube response 

Sometimes the system at YouTube crashes itself. It has been happening far more in recent years. So please do not panic. It is an issue purely from their HQ. They will be on the work to fix it by the time you notice. So, do not worry. 

Bottom Line

This was our short brief on what to do when YouTube comments not loading. Follow the above procedure, and you shall be able to post comments once again.

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