YouTube Community Tab: When You Get It and How To Use It

YouTube is a huge platform for content creators. Many talented people are using the tools provided by YouTube to showcase their talent, or to promote their business by building traffic. 

YouTube Studio has allowed various content creators to upload content, customize it, view analytics, and gain more engagement with their audience. But did you know YouTube offers one amazing tool to make added engagement other than just video posts?

We are talking about the YouTube Community Tab. This is a very useful feature that YouTube provides creators that are eligible to use it. Are you a content creator who is just starting out on YouTube, and want to use this tool for your benefit?

In this article we will show you how YouTube Community Tab works and how you can use this tool to your advantage. If that sounds interesting to you, let’s hop into it!

YouTube Community Tab Eligibility

There is a certain criteria that you must fulfill as a YouTuber in order to enable YouTube Community Tab. Until this requirement is fulfilled, the feature remains inaccessible.

In order to have access to the Community tab, your channel needs to have at least 1000 subscribers.

After you have gained a thousand subscribers, you have to wait about a week for the community tab option to appear on your channel.

In case even after gaining one thousand subscribers you do not see the community tab on your channel, enable custom channel layouts. You need to go to setting and select custom channel layouts and add the community tab option to your channel.

YouTube Community Post

You know sometimes you see your favorite YouTubers post content other than videos? Those are community posts and most of the times only subscribers can see those posts.

These posts include photos, GIFs, polls or even just text. Usually creators ask questions to their viewers to know what kind of content they want. They do this by directly asking and telling them to comment, or by conducting polls to see which option gets the most number of votes.

Other than that, creators will also post teaser posters or GIFs of their new content to increase engagement and excitement among their viewers. This is a great way to grow your audience and catch their attention and interest as well.

How This Can Help Grow Your Channel

The YouTube Community Tab can help you grow your channel a lot. Most bug YouTubers use this tool to boost their viewer’s engagement and peak their interest in their content.

Assuming you have already crossed the 1000 subscriber benchmark, and have access to the YouTube Community Tab, we have included a few methods, tips, and tricks to use it to your advantage. Here’s how you can implement this tool to grow your YouTube channel.

1. Engage with Your Audience

The YouTube Community Tab is the best tool to engage with your audience the most. While comments on a YouTube video can be engaging enough, this tool allows you to communicate with them even more.

You can ask them questions regarding your content, what kind of content do they like that you produce, what kind of content would they like you to produce in the future, if they would want merch, and other similar questions.

You could post pictures of your previous work and ask these questions directly, or you could hold polls, offering them options to choose from.

The poll method, in our opinion, is a great tool, as it does not require your audience to think too much, while also having a role in your content creation process. This type of engagement makes it seem personal and you can build a connection with your viewers using this.

2. Post Teasers for Upcoming Posts

Big YouTube channels usually post teaser posters or trailer GIFs on their community tab to peak the interest of their viewers. You can post pictures of the thumbnail of your new video to excite your subscribers and then tell them to keep notifications on if they don’t want to miss the videos.

This works magic with the YouTube algorithm and allows your channel to appear in the suggestions of many people easily. Your videos are recommended to people more, and as a result you gain more traffic.

3. Promote products 

This one’s a tricky one, but if you can get away with it, you can actually make a lot of money using the YouTube Community tab. 

You can post pictures of GIFs of your products or products from sponsors that you are promoting. You can promote them pretty much exactly like you would on other social media platform. 

You post the picture, add a captivating caption, and leave the rest to the YouTube algorithm. Many YouTubers actually make tons of money using the community tab by promoting products. This is why it is so useful.

Ask for Feedback

Part of the question asking method is asking for feedback from your viewers.

You can ask if they like your content or not, which ones they like, which ones they don’t like. Be genuine and try to deliver content that your viewers prefer.

Bottom Line

So the bottom line is that this is an incredible tool to engage with your YouTube audience. If you are the owner of a growing YouTube channel, we highly recommend you use this tool to grow it even further.

We cannot stress this enough, how amazing of a feature this is, and would suggest using this to anyone who is willing to take their YouTube career to the next level.

We hope our article about the YouTube Community Tab was useful to you and you found this article informative.

Use our tips to grow your channel, we assure you that you will indeed see results. Have a nice day!

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